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Great Wall Rosewood Centre Sdn Bhd is the renowned manufacturer & supplier of the solid wood antique furniture in Malaysia. At Great Wall Rosewood Centre, you will only find the best antique furniture made with premium quality solid wood, such as rosewood (花梨木), black wood (黑酸枝木), Old Jichi wood (老鸡翅木), black ebony wood (黑檀木) & sandalwood (老檀香木). All our furniture is designed by our in-house designer, who is highly acquainted with the Qing & Ming Dynasty’s heritage. Bring back the historical aesthesis in your living space with the delicate cultural furniture. The solid wood antique furniture from Great Wall Rosewood Centre are produced and crafted at our factory near to the Shanghai city in China.

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Great Wall Rosewood Centre is the notable antique furniture supplier in Malaysia, offering only genuine premium wood in all our furniture range. Our honesty and dedication in ensuring only the best product quality have made us the trusted antique furniture supplier by our customers in Malaysia & Singapore. Our experience & knowledge in supplying the timeless exquisite wood antique furniture goes way back in 1970, where the craftsmanship & experience has been handed down generations. Upholding our philosophy and bequeathing the Chinese cultural heritage & furniture design from the Qing & Ming Dynasty.

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Great Wall Rosewood Centre is well-known as the Chinese rosewood furniture manufacturer in Malaysia. We only use authentic rosewood as well as other premium wood in our furniture. Offering genuine quality furniture is always our core values and will never mislead our customer with counterfeit wood. Making sure that our customer will get only the best-crafted furniture from our skilled experts, we want to be the Chinese rosewood furniture manufacturer trusted by our customers.

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