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Wooden Antique Furniture

Showroom to experience the feel of our products

We provide an avenue for you to personally experience the quality and workmanship of our products. However, our showroom offer the professional consultation on furniture design and knowledge of valuable wood.

Lifetime warranty on our products.

We have equipped with high quality mechanisms in the proper way and sourced the quality plantation of solid woods that approved by wood chamber of commerce in Shanghai. Our furniture offer a lifetime warranty due to “Natural” defect conditions. We will responsible in all the modification or repair. For more information, please visit our showroom to enquiry.

Customized cushions

We have more than 50 sample of silk cushions that based on your measurement of the seating.

Custom made & design furniture.

We can customize furniture to your very own personal taste of living as we have qualifying furniture designer to prefabricate your needs.

After sales service
Wooden Antique Furniture

Wooden Antique Furniture

At Great Wall Rosewood, we give life to wooden antique furniture. The furniture and designs that have been lost forever are revived here. They are crafted, modified and polishes to give them a fresh yet ancient look. Our specialized craftsmen take pride in what they do and at the same time we make sure to use the premium woods for our furniture. To make this sure, we keep the woods under quality assurance before it is used. Our premium wooden antique furniture is well-known due to its quality, design. and it’s longevity.

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