Malaysian Solid Wood Antique Furniture

Great Wall Rosewood Centre Sdn. Bhd. offers one of the widest range of premium solid wood & antique furniture in Malaysia. We have integrated the Chinese culture into our furniture that features a series of timeless elegance. All of our furniture is designed based on the Qing or Ming Dynasty with adequate modifications to cater to your desires and adapt to the trendy lifestyle nowadays. We have been in the Malaysian antique furniture industry for more than a decade. We are reputable for our remarkable quality and workmanship which allows us to have affiliates in countries such as Singapore and Australia. Since 1970, we have provided a 100% quality assurance of our antique furniture to our customers. The business has been passed on to the second generation of Liew’s Family. Our mission is to provide the best quality furniture that able to bring out the classic beauty of natural wood. Our furniture is treated with wax and hand-furnishing without lacquered to ensure the surface of the wood are anti-termites and able to maintain at its best and long-lasting. Our furniture also looks glossier over a period of time. Hereby, we offer the valuable and best quality solid woods such as:

  • 100% Suan Zhi Wood 酸枝木
  • 100% Black Ebony Wood 黑檀木
  • 100% Rosewood 花梨木

Signature Wood Material :

  • 100% Big Red Suan Zhi Wood 大红酸枝木
  • 100% Black Wood 黑酸枝木
  • 100% Sandalwood 老檀香木
  • 100% Old Jichi Wood 老鸡翅木
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Malaysian Solid Wood Antique Furniture
Handmade Malaysian Solid Wood Antique Furniture
Premium Solid Wood for Furniture
Premium Solid Wood
Solid Wood for Malaysian Antique Furniture
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We also provide custom-made services with a free consultation and design ideas from our professional craft masters originally from Shanghai. Their fine crafting skills are well-known all over the world. Workmanship wise, our furniture is 85% handcrafted and only 15% of the work done by machinery. Come to visit our SEMI-D showroom with a built-up area of more than 8600sq. ft. and have a look at what we have for you. You will be amazed by our finest and superior workmanship of each piece of our furniture. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation or any inquiries regarding our antique furniture. Let our professional consultant serve you better.


  • 100% genuine material & quality assurance.
  • Reasonable price from direct Shanghai importer.
  • Finest workmanship & experience distinguished style.
  • Feel natural wood, treated by wax & hand-furnishing without lacquered.
  • Provide professional timber consulting services.

Malaysian Antique Furniture

Culture gives meaning to people and it is its distinguishing feature. Incorporating culture into our living space makes us stay closer to our roots. Thus, at Great Wall Rosewood, we craft Malaysian antique furniture to bring back the Chinese culture that we inherited. We want to keep it alive. The antique designs handcrafted by trained craftsmen can make the solid wood look beyond perfect. Our furniture are built with the finest of the premium woods to keep it pure and durable as an antique piece should be. Make your house aesthetic with Malaysian Antique Furniture.

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